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Sr. Planner/Material Analyst

Position Description:

Plans and schedules inventory both from internal/external vendors and internal production facilities to meet sales requirements. To provide the highest possible customer service level – (typically around 98%) with the lowest value of inventory.

Major Responsibilities:

·Confirm inventory availability and acknowledge ship dates for new customer orders.

·To liaise closely with Sales and Sales Administration – (usually twice per week) – to ensure both are kept up to date with overdue products and be aware of future or proposed sales orders.

·To understand and create the forecast of supply and demand to obtain information necessary for ensuring purchase orders are placed in a timely manner to avoid stock outs and maximize customer service levels

·To understand all the parameters associated with a part - (i.e. lead times, MOQ’s etc.) – in order to ensure PO’s are placed in a timely manner to avoid stock outs and maximize customer service. To ensure these parameters are maintained accurately on the system or forecasting/ordering tool.

·To understand the parameters and functionality of the system that is being used in order to ensure that correct quantities are ordered in a timely manner in order to satisfy customer requirements.

·Through the understanding and diligent application of the above: to minimize inventory levels, maximize inventory turns and maximize customer service levels. KPI’s are in place and the Planner will be expected to explain any deviation from those targets.

·Inventory Planners will determine what and when a purchase order should be placed and are responsible for ensuring all requested goods are delivered on time and if necessary expediting or deferring outstanding purchase orders.

·Planners are responsible for monitoring the performance of their vendors and taking the necessary action if that performance is below standard in order to ensure that goods are delivered on time. This may involve re-sourcing to an alternative vendor – (i.e. one that may already be qualified or working with engineering to qualify an alternative).

·To issue works orders and liaise with production to ensure they are completed to the time scales required to avoid stocks out or meet customer delivery dates.

·To work closely with the Product line manager to manage large project based sales orders, to understand any special inventory requirements that may be required over and above forecasted levels and to supply due dates for customers.

·Maintain weekly/monthly materials/planning related reports and information as required by the Operations Director and/or the Product line manager.

·Ensuring cost prices charged by the vendor are in line with agreed costs that are on the system and deal with any discrepancy.

·To undertake quarterly obsolescence review as per requirements of Group Financial Controller and the Director Operations.

·Undertake annual review of standard costs to ensure costs are correct for ongoing cost of goods sold calculations.

Main Requirements:

·Ideally a diploma/degree in a business related discipline.

·5+ years material/planning experience with knowledge of production environment.

·Understanding and experience of MRP systems

·To understand basic inventory control theory – in particular: basic forecasting models, safety stock calculations, re-order point models and calculations, ROQ’s, lead times and MOQ’s etc.

·Good knowledge of Excel required – (pivot tables and advanced formulas)

·Math Skills: Planners require mathematical skills in assessing forecasts, recommended purchase order quantities, purchasing costs and calculating shipping costs.


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