Performance through Precision
VPG Careers
Date of Posting Job Title Location Job Ref ID
March 14, 2018 Technical Sales Support, Basingstoke, UK Basingstoke, UK HR-2558
March 12, 2018 Warehouse & Shipping Supervisor - Kent, WA US HR-2587
March 9, 2018 Customer Service Representative - FOIL US HR-2586
March 8, 2018 QA Engineer- Advanced Sensors Israel HR-2583
March 8, 2018 Planner- Advanced Sensors Israel HR-2582
March 6, 2018 Accounts Receivable Clerk US HR-2581
March 1, 2018 Regional Logistics Manager US HR-2578
February 28, 2018 Sales Manager - Systems, Bradford, UK Bradford, UK HR-2576
February 28, 2018 EHS Manager US HR-2573
February 28, 2018 Technical Marketing Engineer US HR-2577
February 20, 2018 Regional Sales Manager - Eastern Europe, Africa and Israel - Basingstoke, UK Basingstoke, UK HR-2574
February 14, 2018 EHS Manager US HR-2566
February 6, 2018 Customer Service Representative US HR-2563
February 6, 2018 Technician 2 US HR-2565
February 6, 2018 Customer Service Representative (Temp) US HR-2564
January 30, 2018 Applications Engineer/Specialist Canada HR-2560
January 18, 2018 EHS Engineer India HR-2542
January 18, 2018 Customer Support Representative India HR-2543
January 15, 2018 Operations Director Israel HR-2541
January 9, 2018 Regional Sales Manager US HR-2540
January 9, 2018 Field Design Engineer US HR-2537
November 21, 2017 Planning Manager/Concord, CA US HR-2533
November 3, 2017 Regional Sales Manager - Eastern United States US HR-2527
July 6, 2017 Process Engineer- Holon Israel HR-2488
June 29, 2017 Sales Manager Heilbronn Heilbronn, Germany HR-2468

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