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Planning Manager/Concord, CA

Job Summary

Vishay Precision Group (VPG) is currently seeking a Planning Manager based in its Pacific Instruments Concord, CA office. The Planning Manager is responsible for creating and implementing master planning activities in production/operations to meet inventory management goals related to efficient production of PI and MM instruments products.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Daily review and action of MRP requirements for PI and MM. Release purchase orders and work orders (jobs) in a timely manner to meet the delivery schedule and the promised lead time of the products and sales orders, taking into account vendors lead time and production capacity.
  • Create the forecast for purchasing and production to meet deliveries for customers’ orders based on sales history, current demands, components lead time, production and test lead times and production capacity limitations.
  • Plan purchasing and inventory levels to meet target lead times, meet customers delivery time expectation and minimize inventory / maximize inventory turns.
  • Set up and implement a safety stock strategy for PI and MM. - i.e. long lead time components and regular usage boards. Understand implication of that on inventory.
  • Work closely with Production Manager and Purchasing manager to manage large projects based on sales orders.
  • Work closely with the Sales Manager to include in the planning process the sales forecast and special forecasted orders that may be exceeding the normal forecasted quantities.
  • Maintain weekly and monthly material and planning reports as required by the Operations Director, product line manager and the corporate reporting requirements.
  • Cover purchasing activity during overload period and when Purchasing Manager is out.

Qualifications and Skills

  • B.A. in business administration / economics / industrial engineering is an advantage
  • 5+ years in material and production planning.
  • Strong knowledge of Excel spreadsheets (PIVOT tables, VLOOKUPs, database functionality, etc.)
  • Experience with ERP systems. Past experience with MAX or QAD is an advantage.
  • Good communication skills with vendors, subcontractors and team members.

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Job Ref ID: HR- 2533

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