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Machine Shop Supervisor - Kent, WA

The Machine Shop Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of the Machine Shop and reports to the Production Manager. Directs, controls and supervises all production in the machine shop and fabrication area.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Supervise, train and motivate all assigned Machine Shop personnel
  • Create and maintain an up to date skills matrix for all Machine Shop personnel (updated annually) in order to ensure that all positions are covered in time of absences thereby protecting customer delivery dates
  • Schedule all production work assigned to this department and assigns daily work to machine operators on both the day and the night shift.
  • Ensure Sales and Stock Orders are complete and manufactured on time.
  • Monitor job progress
  • Work with outside vendors and liaise with Production manager if work needs to be outsourced due to overcapacity..
  • Monitor progress of work and identify and indicate corrective actions or recommend solutions
  • Liaise with the Engineering Department and other Production personnel as required
  • Improve the manufacturing process in collaboration with Engineering by: -making improvements in product for ease of manufacture and quality enhancement
  • Work with engineering on the design and prototyping of new products.
  • Participate in the hiring of new employees and in the annual review process
  • Improve facilities, machines, tools, tool setups, fixtures, jigs, controls and mechanisms in order to obtain better work
  • Implement preventative maintenance program for all machinery and ensure all operators have necessary tooling.
  • Personally inspect the quality of the work of each employee to make sure that quality is achieved, regardless of other inspection routines
  • Personally inspect the quality of all Machine Shop facilities, building, floors, walls, windows, roof, equipment, machines, and other assets so as to prevent their breakdown or danger to employees. Maintains a work environment in accordance with OSHA standards.
  • Will be required to visit night shift at least once per month.

Ongoing responsibilities:

  • Observe safety conditions at every point of possible danger and create greater safety wherever needed
  • Advise Production Manager of any manufacturing or production issues affecting the following:
  • - Scheduling
  • - Safety
  • - Personnel performance and productivity
  • - Quality of work
  • - Capital equipment
  • -Other expenditures
  • Along with the Purchasing department, source and evaluate Sub Contractors to undertake machining to ensure we meet contractual agreements during times of high work load.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time

Technical Skills/Knowledge:

  • Solid understanding of machining, tool design, milling, welding, turning, and basic metallurgy as well as CNC programming. Ability to program in machine code language (G & M) & (macro).
  • Fully conversant with setup and tooling.
  • Skill in operating and troubleshooting various types of CNC and conventional machines.
  • Working knowledge of shop mathematics including percentages, fractions, dimensioning, geometry, algebra and trig.
  • Skill and understanding of the working properties of various ferrous and nonferrous materials including plastics and Inconel alloys.
  • Ability to plan and execute work flow.
  • Knowledge of and ability to use quality inspection tools.
  • Ability to read and understand engineering drawings and nomenclature.
  • Monitor all aspects of safety. Knows & Understands legislation and safe working practices of overhead bridge cranes and jib cranes.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office products – Word, Excel, Outlook.

Main Requirements:

  • Minimum 5 years experience supervising a modern machine shop with both manual and modern CNC machines – horizontal boring machine experience would be advantageous.
  • Preferred BS in Mechanical Engineering or similar professional qualification.


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